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Performance marketing is a reliable, cost-effective way to increase your revenues without the risk associated with traditional marketing.

CpaUnit is a leading global performance marketing company. Our proprietary affiliate platform helps facilitate tens of millions of dollars in transactions for hundreds of advertisers. We manage thousands of affiliate relationships with high quality, high volume traffic and hundreds of network relationships to ensure we leverage all available traffic sources. Our advertising clients are accustomed to unsurpassed service from experienced representatives who provide valuable feedback.

We team up our clients with 2 dedicated representatives: one for daily management and optimization and one for strategic growth. Our team works with clients to ensure their advertising campaign is consistently growing while maintaining a high level of lead quality. Whether it's providing creative design assistance or customizing our proprietary interface to meet your program's needs, we do what it takes to earn your business.

Let us show you the benefits of choosing CpaUnit

An advertiser in today’s marketplace purchasing Internet advertising entirely on a branded or CPM-based model would be like one of the original television advertisers scrolling newspaper text across the screens. Meaning, it simply does not take advantage of the technology. CPA is the most logical choice based on its minimal risk proposition – with an advertiser not paying for any marketing unless an acquisition is received. Prior to CPA, campaign views and impressions were essentially wasted, as the campaign’s performance was purely measured by little to no concrete measure of accountability on the results.

CpaUnit, The Exclusive CPA Network, provides an outlet which eliminates any guesswork. Incentive, random and fraudulent clicks are no longer cause for unnecessary fees. CpaUnit advertisers can learn exactly what each consumer wants and maximize the revenue based on that information. CpaUnit's innovative metrics allow the effectiveness of each branding stage to be measured and optimized. CpaUnit allows advertisers to work in a basically no-risk environment. They know exactly what they are paying for because they are only paying when the set objective is met.

Through CpaUnit’s long-term marketing solutions, advertisers have the opportunity to launch their brand into the marketplace and increase returns instantly – ensuring a profitable and lucrative future.